Monochrome LaserJet Printer




Monochrome LaserJet Printer


When choosing black and white printers for your office, it's important to look at reliability and ease of use as well as the basic specifications. Monochrome printers must enhance productivity, not inhibit it.

Why choose an HP Monochrome LaserJet?

or over 22 years, HP has embraced and developed new technologies that offer real business benefits. HP helps businesses achieve richer black & white prints at speeds designed to increase productivity. At the same time, HP technologies also improve the way printers function, which can result in significant cost savings.


Reader's Choice
  • Proven design: Most Reliable — HP has received PC Magazine Readers' Choice Award 14 years in a row.
  • Rigorous testing — HP spends thousands of hours performing product tests to ensure quality printing, reliability and durability.
  • Extensive service and support options — HP's scaleable support services (HP Care Packs, contractual services, self-service, and Pay per use) let you choose the right level of support to ensure your business is always up and running.


HP printers are easy to use and manage:


  • HP's integrated self-service print cartridge design delivers unmatched reliability because the complete imaging system is replaced each time the cartridge is changed.
  • We offer industry-leading maintenance tools — Universal Print Driver, Web Jetadmin, Jetdirect networking, Easy Printer Care, SureSupply, Color Access controls, Instant Support, and Output Server.

Some of the real-world benefits include:

Brilliant print quality: HP's integrated toner and cartridge design delivers unmatched print quality. Mono ImageEvery time you install a new black HP toner cartridge, you replace the complete imaging system so there is never a drop in performance. The built-in print quality technologies such as FastRes 1200 help achieve professional quality outputs with smooth lines, crisp text and sharp images.


Fast print speeds and efficiency: Instant-on Technology allows HP LaserJet printers to complete a printIOT job before some other printers have even finished warming up. You'll save on resources with reduced power consumption.


Flexible printer options: HP LaserJets offer many options, from support for various media styles and sizes to print accessories such as auto-duplex, stapling, and multi-bin mailboxes.


Easy print management: The intuitive four-line control panels on HP workgroup printers offer animated and context-sensitive help. In addition, the free, full-featured HP Universal Driver for Windows lets you deploy just one driver for your entire imaging and printing environment, reducing IT interventions and eliminating the possibility of driver incompatibility.


Built into HP supplies as well as the printer, HP Smart Printing technology optimises print quality, enhances reliability, and makes supplies easy to install and manage. You'll save time and lower overall printer costs while still enjoying professional print quality.


Print software: HP Web Jetadmin lets you batch configure multiple printers at once, and update alerts and firmware Mono Imageon multiple devices concurrently. It also allows you to route specific alerts to the appropriate personnel in multiple destinations: you can send troubleshooting alerts to the helpdesk, and supplies alerts to the nearest administrative


Security: HP LaserJets support private PIN printing to ensure that highly sensitive documents are not printed until you key in a four-digit personal identification number at the printer's control panel.