HP Multifunction Printer


Small machines with big impact

Increase office productivity in a space-saving design. Incorporating printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine, HP Multifunction Printers deliver incredible speed, amazing quality, renowned efficiency and best of all, extraordinary functionality.

Save Space – By consolidating several key business devices into a single unit, you'll save valuable office space, and avoid the challenges of dealing with multiple machines.

Save Time – HP Multifunction Printers also offer many time-saving technologies: convenient walk-up scan-to function, PC Fax from desk and Instant-on Technology for faster first page outs.

Save on Costs – You'll enjoy a low total cost of ownership and low energy consumption. Plus with its renowned reliability, HP Multifunction Printers require less user intervention for worry-free usage.

Workhorse on staff

Consider the benefits of having a multifunction workhorse on your team:

  • Make multiple copies in a flash, reduce and enlarge copies, and automate repetitive tasks like collating documents.
  • Fax documents in colour with automated features and settings for extra ease-of-use.
  • Scan old documents and make an archive of your paper files.
  • Use optical character recognition (OCR) software to save yourself the trouble of retyping long passages of text.
  • Print in brilliant colour or crisp black and white using the same machine.
  • Create your own brochures, flyers and other powerful marketing tools in-house.
  • Produce business cards, letterheads and other business documents.
  • Cut down on unnecessary wastage of unused printed materials.

Plug and print

With HP Multifunction Printers, there's no need to hook up several different machines. It's an all-in-one office communications tool that's easy to set up and manage. Just one connection to the network and it's up and running.

The power of colour

Adding colour to documents can make a huge difference. An HP Multifunction printer combines brilliant colour with productivity-enhancing features for your business. Scan and print in colour, make colour copies and even fax important documents in colour.

Picture the profits

Your office can also double as a makeshift digital photo lab. HP Multifunction printers have photo-friendly features so printing pictures in standard sizes like 4 x 6 is accomplished with ease.

HP Multifunction Advantage

HP Multifunction Printers come in a compact and power-packed package with the best mix of HP print, copy, scan, fax and networking technologies.

he HP LaserJet Print Advantage

  • Instant-on Technology
  • Professional results
  • Complexity made easy
  • Make the most of your supplies
  • High volume printing
  • Comprehensive printer language support
  • Great advantages with HP LaserJet prints
  • Get more with original HP LaserJet print cartridges

The HP Copy advantage

  • Crisp, sharp copies
  • Save time and effort
  • Easy copying
  • Scale your copies easily

The HP Fax advantage

  • Flexible PC faxing
  • Quick, reliable faxing
  • Hassle-free faxing
  • Superior fax management
  • Improve and streamline your workflow

The HP Scan advantage

  • Efficient, high-quality scanning
  • Bundled scanning software

The HP Networking advantage

Figure 1
  • Networkable
  • Remote management
  • Connectivity options
  • Seamless integration

The HP Networking advantage

Figure 2
  • Manage the device easily with HP ToolboxFX


HP ToolboxFX provides desktop configuration, status and support for every feature. This tool checks the device status, configures settings, sets up automatic alerts, orders supplies online, views self-help information and offers troubleshooting tips.